Established 1996

Your Source For Critical Investment Resources

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  • Investment Investigation

    For every assignment, we provide a thorough market, financial and business analysis to determine the potential, value and feasibility of the opportunity

    Our strategic and tactical approach to investments provides structured and methodical steps which has resulted in over 35 successful transactions with combined revenues of over $ 2.0 billion

  • Investment Resources

    For every investment, acquisition, sale or partnership, we focus on providing the critical resources necessary to close a transaction successfully and to grow the value of the investment

    To provide these resources we have partnered with legal advisors, financing institutions, marketing advisors, professional managers and industry specialists

  • Investment Management

    The team of Alpine Capital International, LLC. has the experience of developing and managing a leveraged buy-out fund with assets over $ 100 million. This Fund was organized to provide investment opportunities to selective private equity partners. 26 investments were developed, funded and profitably realized during a period of 7 years.

    More recently the team was instrumental in developing and managing three new investment funds.